Couponer sale - $1,234 (Coralville)

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condition: new
Huge sale
all items are new, smk-free/pt-free home

*** indicates more of that same item is available than what is pictured

Contact-free delivery available in Coralville/Iowa city/north liberty/tiffin area

Bounty 2 double rolls (2=4 rolls) paper towels $4
Scott paper towels 6= 7 rolls $4 per pack
Viva signature cloth paper towels 6=9 rolls $8 per pack
Kleenex single roll toilet paper $1 per roll***
Tree free Green2 toilet paper 4 rolls $3 per pack***
Oh so soft 4 premium rolls $4 per pack or 5 for $15***
Scott comfort plus toilet paper 12 big rolls $4 per pack***
Scott comfort plus toilet paper 12 mega rolls (12=48) $11 per pack***
Kleenex ultra soft 110 count $1 per box
Kleenex plus lotion square boxes 45 count 2 for $1.50***
Swiffer heavy duty duster starter kit (1 handle + 2 dusters) $3.50 ***
Clorox drain stick twin packs $3 per pack
Drain clog tool with grabber at end $3
Up&up reusable flock-lined latex house gloves (for dishwashing, cleaning, gardening, etc) 2 pairs per pack(4 gloves total), size medium/large $3 per pack***
Fabuloso multi-purpose cleaner lemon 33.8oz $1.25 each ***
Fabuloso multi-purpose cleaner
Household trends reusable multipurpose rubber latex pair of gloves, size medium $1 per pair***
Clorox bleach 64 oz bottles $3 each***
10 pack disposable vinyl gloves, one size fits most $1***
MonofoilD disinfecting spray $7 per bottle ***
Seventh generation disinfectant spray, lavender vanilla $5 each***
Boulder disinfecting spray $3 per bottle***
Biopure bleach-free disinfecting surface wipes, 72 count $4 per pack***
Jonny fresh toilet bowl cleaner, 24oz $1 each
Super cleaning eraser 6 pack $2 per pack
Duster (1 handle plus 10refills) $3 per pack***
Lemi shine disposal cleaner $1.25 each
Airwick Botanica oil starter kit (warmer plug in plus oil refill)- Himalayan magnolia &
vanilla or pineapple & Tunisian rosemary $3 each
Glade or Airwick warmer $1 each***
Febreze air effects spray (pine or Apple or gain scent) $2 each
Renuzit cones (scents: forever raspberry, after rain, vanilla swirl, clean linen, or lovely lavender) $0.75 each***

Ajax dish soap 12.6 oz lemon or orange $1 each
Brillo basics dish soap (orange blast, lemon fresh, or oxy power) 24oz $1.25 each***
Love home and planet dish soap (lavender and argan oil) 24 Oz $2 each ***
9 elements dish soap, lemon 16 Oz $3 each
Palmolive dish soap (oxy, ultra strength, or lavender & lime) 20 oz, $1.50 each***
Household trends soap dispenser sponge with refill sponge $1.25 per set***
Household trends 4 pack of sponges $1.25 per pack
Bath and body works hand soap (winter) $4 each***
How to wash hand soap (fragrance free or fresh lemon) 12oz $2 each***
Lifebuoy hand soap 16.9 oz $2 each***
NEQI hand soap with aloe Vera 10 Oz $1.50 each***
NEQI hand soap with aloe Vera 8 Oz $1.25 each***
Safeguard hand soap (fresh clean) 25oz $5 each***
Safeguard hand soap (notes of coconut or fresh clean micellar) 15.5oz $2 each***
Safeguard antibacterial soap $2
Softsoap plum and peony $2
Walgreens foaming Hand soap $2 each***
Yardley (English lavender) hand soap 8.4oz $2 each
Shea moisture African black soap with Shea butter $4 each***
Yardley bar soap (creamy coconut or oatmeal and almond) $0.50 each
Poparazzi hand sanitizer (green tea, watermelon, or ocean scent) $1.50 each***
Tru wash hand sanitizer refill $5 per bottle***

Gain detergent 65 Oz $4.50
Gain detergent 50 Oz $3.50
Gain flings original or island fresh $3.50 each or 3 for $10***
Downy fresh protect with Febreze in wash scent beads April fresh 244 grams $7
Downy unstoppables fresh 122 grams $4
Downy unstoppables fresh 422 grams $10***
Gain flings tub plus odor defense super fresh blast 42 count $10 ***
Tide pods tubs power pods hygienic clean (original or spring meadow), power pods spring meadow, 4 in 1 ultra oxi, ultra oxi with odor eliminators power pods, or 3 in 1 spring fresh coral blast, or original, 35- 45 oz (21- 51 count) $10 each
Tide pods big bags, spring meadow or fresh coral blast (35 count) $8 each
Tide pods bag original, spring meadow, or free and gentle 3 in 1 (16 count) or 4 in 1 febreze sport or febreze 4 in 1 botanical breeze(12 ct) $3.50 each or 3 for $10***
Tide liquid HE detergent 92 Oz bottle hygienic clean (original or spring meadow) or ultra oxi $10 each***

Bounce 40 count dryer sheets (outdoor fresh) $1.50
Bounce 60 count dryer sheets (citrus and vanilla bliss) $2.50
Snuggle dryer sheets exhilarations lavender and vanilla orchid(70 ct), blue sparkle (80 ct), or super fresh (70 ct), $3 each ***
Gain 15 dryer sheets (original) $1
All detergent 4 in 1 stain lifters with oxiclean 36 oz, free & Clear (36oz), or free & Clear odor relief (36oz) $3.50 each***
Arm and hammer 43.75 oz (plus the power of oxiclean fresh scent) $ 2.50 each
Dreft 46 Oz $8
Persil proclean deep clean intense fresh regular or hygienic clean $3.50 each
Purex mountain breeze, 4 in 1 with Clorox, or natural elements linen and lilies 50 oz $2 each***
Arm and hammer 3 in 1 power paks plus oxiclean 17 count or 2 in 1 power packs 21 count $3 each
Purex 4 in 1 pods mountain breeze 19 ct or 4 in 1 plus oxi (15 ct) $2 each***
Tide SIMPLY pods (daybreak fresh or refreshing breeze) $2.50 per bag***
Downy ultra nature blends fabric softener honey lavender or rose water and aloe 103 oz $7 each
Downy wrinkle guard 25 oz $4
Downy infusions calm (lavender and vanilla bean) 32oz $4
Snuggle scent shakers blue sparkle 255 grams $3.50 each ***
Snuggle exhilarations fabric conditioner amber woods and honeysuckle 50 oz $3
Purex in wash crystals lavender blossom or fabulously fresh 439 grams $2.50 each ***
Snuggle plus fabric conditioner super fresh 31.7 oz $3 each***
Downy wrinkle releaser plus spray (crisp linen or light fresh) 33.8 oz $5 each ***

Colgate keep toothbrush starter kit (includes 1 reusable aluminum handle and 2 brush heads) $8 each
Brush n clean 5 pack toothbrushes $3 per pack***
Oral b healthy clean value 4 pack toothbrushes, soft $3.50
Cvs design pro 3 pack toothbrushes, soft $2.50
Colgate 360 twin pack soft or medium (variety of colors)*** $3.50 each
Oral b 3D white twin pack soft toothbrushes $3.50
Oral indicator color collection twin pack $2
Oral b indicator twin pack soft or medium $2 per pack
Colgate optic white 360 soft or medium toothbrush $3 each
Colgate 360 advanced medium toothbrush $3
Colgate zigzag medium toothbrush $1.50
Colgate extra clean single brush soft (blue, purple, red, or pink)*** 2 for $1.50
Oral b sensi-soft ultra soft (blue, green, purple, or pink) toothbrush $2 each
Oral b healthy clean single toothbrush (lime green, blue, purple, or pink) soft 2 for $1.50
Oral b deep clean soft (pink, blue, lime green) toothbrush*** $ 2 each
Oral b vivid whitening toothbrush medium or soft (blue, aqua, or green) $2 each
Oral b pro-flex stain eraser medium or soft (gray, pink, blue, purple) toothbrush*** $3 each
Oral b vitalizer advanced soft (variety of colors)*** $3 each
Oral pro-health all in 1 medium $3
Oral b vivid luminous toothbrush (gray or lavender) medium*** $2 each
Oral b 3D white vivid toothbrush (aqua or lime green) medium*** $2 each
Oral b crossaction $3 each***
Oral b max clean $3 each***
Walgreens single toothbrush soft or medium (red, blue, purple)*** 3 for $2
Listerine flosser $1

Colgate total (whitening + charcoal or deep clean 4.8oz) $3 each
Colgate maxfresh with whitening (knockout) $2 each
Colgate optic white stain fighter (fresh mint gel or clean mint paste or clean mint paste with baking soda 4.2oz) $2.50 each*** or 3 for $6
Colgate total (varieties: whitening, fresh mint stripe, gum protection, or deep clean 3.3 oz) $2 each***
Crest pro-health advanced toothpaste (deep clean mint), 3.5oz $2
Crest 3D white toothpaste 2.7oz-3.5oz radiant mint, arctic fresh, stain eraser icy clean mint, or stain eraser fresh mint*** $2 each or 3 for $5***
Crest complete whitening+scope outlast 4oz $2 each
Crest 3D white toothpaste 3.8-4.1oz charcoal or deep clean $3 each***
Crest 3D white brilliance (vibrant peppermint) 4.1oz $6
Crest value pack- 2 crest 3D white arctic fresh 3.8 Oz tubes (7.6 Oz total) $4
Crest scope mouthwash (classic or outlast) 1L $4 each***
Crest mouthwash (advanced complete care) 1L $6 each***
Crest 3D white glamorous white fresh mint mouthwash 473ml $3.50 each
Crest 3D white brilliance clean mint mouthwash 500ml $3.50 each
Oral b specialty rinse breath therapy 475ml $6.50 each

Degree motionsense ultra clear black +white pure clean invisible solid 48 hour antiperspirant $3 each
Love beauty and planet lavender deodorant $5
Suave deodorant everlasting sunshine $1
Sure deodorant (unscented or original) $1.50each
Secret with essential oils rose + charcoal deodorant $6 each
Toms of Maine coconut lavender antiperspirant deodorant SOLD OUT
Axe 48 hour anti-sweat Apollo deodorant $3 each
Axe 48 hour high definition scent Phoenix deodorant $3 each
Dove men + care extra fresh 48 hour protection deodorant $3.50 each
Gillette comfort + dri-tech 72 hour deodorant cool wave or clean rush $4.50 each
Gillette clear gel deodorant fade resistant scent wild rain $3.50 each
Old spice ultra smooth aluminum free 48 hour deodorant fresh start $4.50
Old spice clean and crisp scent deodorant $7
Speed stick deodorant (fresh) $1.50each
Axe spray deodorant gold travel size $1.50
Axe spray deodorant Phoenix $3
Old Spice sweat defense dry spray 48 hour sweat and odor protection antiperspirant (ultimate captain) $4 each
Old Spice body spray all day (after hours or wolfthorn) $4 each
Secret dry spray antiperspirant 48 hour in water lily or cucumber melon $6 each
Secret body wipes $4
Gold bond powder, travel size, take both for $1 each

Banana boat moisturizing aloe after sun lotion 16 Oz $3.50 each***
Eucerin daily hydration or skin calming cream 8 Oz $5 each
Eucerin daily hydration or original healing lotion 16.9 Oz $7 each
Jergens Sweet Citrus Butter Hand and Body Lotion 7oz $4.50 each***
Jergens Skin Smoothie Avocado & Apple Scented Body Lotion, 10 fl oz $4.50each***
Jergens Skin Smoothie Body Lotion, Cucumber & Melon 10oz $4.50 each***
Lubriderm daily moisturizing lotion16 oz $4
Nivea Breathable Fresh Fusion Body Lotion $5
Nivea essentially enriched lotion $5 each
Vaseline intensive care lotions- essential healing, advanced repair, or cocoa radiant 10 oz $2.50 each***
Burt’s bees hand cream trio gift set- Shea butter hand creams- lavender &honey, orange blossom &pistachio, rosemary& lemon $9 per set
Nivea soft moisturizing cream 2 for $1.50***
Bandaids finding dory or Disney princesses 20 ct $2 per box ***

Pantene shampoos or conditioners Nature Fusion Smoothing Shampoo with Avocado Oil or moisture renewal $2.50 each
Pantene pro-v blends Rose Water Sulfate-Free Soothing Shampoo or conditioner $5 each
Pantene nutrient blends Sulfate-Free fortifying damage repair with castor oil shampoo or conditioner $5 each
Pantene foam conditioner (sheer volume) $5
Suave professionals shampoo or conditioner almond + Shea butter, lavender + almond oil, Moroccan infusion, coconut oil infusion, or keratin infusion $2 each
Suave professionals 2 in 1 $2 each
Herbal essence bio:renew honey and vitamin B or Argan oil shampoo or conditioner $4 each
Ogx shampoo or conditioner (liquid pearl or charcoal detox) $4.50 each

Garnier Fructis Shampoo or conditioner (sleek and shine, triple nutrition, damage eraser, sleek and shine zero, pure clean, or daily 2 in 1) $2.50 each
Garnier whole blends oat delicacy, coconut oil and cocoa butter, or coconut water Shampoo or conditioner $2.50 each
Garnier Fructis hydrating treat shampoo or conditioner plus aloe extract $4 each
Love, beauty, & planet shampoo or conditioner coconut water and mimosa flower $5 each
Tresemme botanique color vibrancy and shine with pomegranate and camellia oil, nourishing and replenishing with coconut milk and aloe Vera, or repair and protect 7 with biotin shampoo or conditioner $3.50 each

Tresemme shampoo or conditioner 28oz bottles(large bottles- moisture rich or anti-breakage) $3 each
Tresemme pro-pure foam shampoo volume 200ml $4
Tresemme pro-pure shampoo or conditioner light moisture 473ml $4 each***
Loreal ever pure Shampoo or conditioner moisture or repair and defend $5 each
L’Oreal elvive shampoo or conditioner (extraordinary oil nourishing, extraordinary clay rebalancing, total repair extreme renewing, smooth intense, or dream lengths restoring shampoo) $3 each
Aussie miracle curls shampoo or conditioner $2 each
Renpure detoxifying charcoal set of shampoo and conditioner $10
Nexxus blonde assure color toning shampoo 8.5 Oz $8.50
Tressemme dry shampoo fresh and clean $3.50
Pantene Dry Shampoo volume or Original refresh $5 each ***
Not your mothers dry shampoo clean freak travel size $2 each

clariol hair root touch up (11, 11A, 8G, or 9) $4 each ***
Head and shoulders shampoo classic clean $3 each
Head and shoulders nourishing care lavender conditioner SOLD OUT
Dove men + care (2 in 1 clean and fresh or thick and full or fortifying shampoo cooling relief) $2.50 each
Suave men 2 in 1 $1.50
Axe 2 in 1 shampoo Phoenix $3 each or take both for $5
Suave kids 2 in 1 $1.50 each
Suave kids purely fun 3 in 1 $2 each
Garnier Fructis liquid styling putty shine and hold $4
Ogx detoxifying plus pomegranate and ginger scalp toner 118ml $
Schwarzkopf gliss leave in hair treatment $5
L'Oréal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Oil Rapid Reviver Deep Conditioner $3.50
L'Oreal Paris Advanced Haircare Total Repair Extreme Emergency Recovery Mask $3.50
Pantene B.B. cream $4 each or 3 for $10
pantene overnight miracle cream *** $4 each or 3 for $10
Nexxus Humectress Moisture Restoring Caviar Complex Conditioner $7 each***
Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie, 3.2 Oz $5 each
Tresemme pro-pure invisible styler volume create and hold $4
Nexxus air lift finishing spray $8 each
Love, beauty, & planet hair spray $4 each
pantene hair spray *** $3 each or 4 for $10
tresemme hair spray *** $2 each or 3 for $5
Tresemme travel size hair spray *** $1.50 each or 2 for $2
Joico temporary color shimmer spray orchid or pink $7 each
Hask hair mask argan oil or coconut oil $1.50 each or 4 for $5
Loreal ever pure hair sheet mask deep moisture or intense repair $3 each
Shea moisture strengthen and restore treatment mask $2 each
Loreal elvive total repair damage erasing balm $1.50 each
Shea moisture strengthen and restore leave in conditioner tub $8 each

Axe body wash (carbon shower deep clean- charcoal and winter mint, black- frozen pear and cedar wood, or Apollo- sage and cedar wood) 16 Oz $3 each***
Dove men+care body&face wash extra fresh, fresh+active, or deep clean 18oz $5 each
Dove men+care body&face wash clean comfort 13.5oz $4 each
Irish spring body wash, aloe, moisture blast, or deep action scrub 18oz $3 each or 4 for $11***
Method men body wash juniper and sage or sea and surf 532ml $5 each
Nivea men body wash (deep clean with salt exfoliation, 3-in-1 sensitive skin, maximum hydration, or pure impact) 500ml $3 each
Old spice swagger or pure sport body wash 621ml-709ml $5 each
Old spice body wash 437ml Fiji or moisturize with Shea butter $4.50 each
Irish spring deodorant soap single bar 3.7oz*** $0.50 per bar
Nivea shave foam $2 each
Nivea deep clean shaving gel $2.50 each
Cremo portable shave sheets 30 count $5 per box***
Nivea cooling post shave balm $4 each

Soft soap luminous oils macadamia and peony, lavender, or pure zen body wash 443ml $2 each ***
Softsoap body butter coconut butter, Shea and almond oil, heavenly vanilla, or almond gentle wash (body wash, 443ml) $2 each ***
Softsoap honeysuckle and orange peel body wash $2 each
Softsoap travel size bottles pomegranate $1 each or all 4 for $3
Dial body wash Manuka honey, spring water, or lavender and jasmine 621ml $3 each
Suave ocean breeze, cocoa butter and Shea, or cucumber agave (443ml) $1.50 each ***
Dove body wash Shea butter with warm vanilla or gentle exfoliating nourishing (650ml) $4 each
Method body wash (coconut milk, 532ml) $3.50
Olay body wash birch water and lavender (650ml) $4.50 each or 3 for $12 ***
Nivea in shower body lotion, nourishing 400ml $4 each

Biore baking soda scrub $5 each
Biore rose quart plus charcoal face scrub $4.50 each
Biore yuzu lemon plus ginseng brightening jelly cleanser$4.50
Biore yuzu lemon plus dragon fruit exfoliating face scrub $4.50
Bulldog original face wash $5.50
Cetaphil daily facial cleanser $5 each
Clean and clear lemon gel facial cleanser with vitamin c $4
Clean and clear facial cleanser (essentials foaming: oil-free or sensitive skin) $3 each
L’Oreal age perfect cream cleanser $4.50 each
L’Oreal ideal clean face wash *** $4 each or 4 for $15
Loreal pure clay face wash (3 clays+charcoal or 3 clays+red algae) *** $4 each or 4 for $15
Neutrogena acne proofing wash gel cleanser face wash $3 each
Neutrogena oil free acne wash face wash $3 each
Neutrogena acne prone skin facial bar $2 each***
Shea moisture African black soap with Shea butter face and body bar $3 each ***
Clean and clear astringent $3
Garnier skin active micellar cleansing water with rose water $6
Garnier skin active soothing facial mist with rose water $5 each
L’Oreal hydrafresh toner &4 each ***
Almay face wipes 25 count (biodegradable-micellar or longwear makeup remover or clear complexion, ultra hydrating, or clear complexion 4 in 1) $4 each ***
Cetaphil face wipes 25 count $4 each ***
Cucumber & aloe soothing facial wipes $2
Beauty 360 detoxifying lemon and charcoal face wipes 25 count $2 each
Garnier skin active micellar make up removing wipes 25 count $4***
Loreal ideal clean face wipes $3.50 each
Neutrogena makeup remover fragrance-free face wipes or ultra soft 21 count $3.50 each
Neutrogena deep clean purifying micellar 3-in-1 face wipes 25 count $4
Neutrogena makeup remover hydrating face wipes 25 count $5

SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Radiance Mud Mask - Hydrating Treatment for Glowing Skin - Brighten Dull Skin - Sulfate-Free with Natural and Organic Ingredients - Revitalizes Dull Skin (6 oz) $12 each
Clean & clear acne triple clear cleansing clay mask jar $5 each
Clean & clear black head eraser scrubby gel strip 6 count SOLD OUT
Clean & clear deep action peel off mask with activated charcoal $1 each
Neutrogena pink grapefruit acne prone skin clay mask or peel off mask $2 each
L’Oreal age perfect hydra-nutrition day cream $12 each ***
L’Oreal age perfect night cream for mature skin $10
L’Oreal age perfect hydra-nutrition night balm $12 each
Almay face wipes 25 count (biodegradable-micellar or longwear makeup remover, ultra hydrating, or clear complexion) $4 each ***
Beauty 360 detoxifying lemon and charcoal face wipes 25 count $2 each
Cetaphil face wipes 25 count $4 each ***
Cucumber & aloe soothing facial wipes $2
Loreal ideal clean face wipes $3.50 each
Neutrogena makeup remover fragrance-free face wipes 21 count $3.50 each
Neutrogena makeup remover hydrating face wipes 25 count $5
Neutrogena deep clean purifying micellar 3-in-1 face wipes 25 count $4

Schick ST2 razor 15 count pack *** $4 each
Schick xtreme 3 pivot ball razor 4 count pack *** $4.50 each
Schick extreme 4 razor 3 count pack *** $4 each
bic twin comfort razors*** 2 count packs $1 each
Gillette Mach 3 razor $5
Gillette 3 razor $5
gillette foamy shaving cream *** $1.50 each
gillette shaving cream *** $2 each or 3 for $5
Neutrogena men’s sensitive skin shave cream $3.50
Schick hydrosilk 3 (2 razor heads and a handle per pack) $5 each
Shick Quattro razor pack *** $4 each
Venus simply razor pack (6 count)*** $4.50 each
Venus refillable razor *** $4 each
BIC twighlight Razor packs (4 count) ***$4 each
BIC Bella Razor packs (4 count) ***$4 each
Bic silky razor packs (10 count) ***$2.50 each
Beauty 360 razor pack $2
Satin care shaving cream$2 each or 3 for $5
venus shaving cream *** $2 each or 3 for $5

Just a period tampons 20 count regular $6
O.b. applicator-free tampons 40 count (18 regular, 12 super, 10 super plus OR 24 regular, 16 super) $6 each
Playtex Sport tampons fresh balance 32 ct $6 each
Playtex Sport tampons fragrance-free 36 ct (18 regular, 18 super) $6 each
Playtex gentle glide super 36 count $6
Playtex simply gentle glide super or regular 16 count $3.50 each
Playtex sport super 18 count $3.50 each
Tampax pearl (scented) regular 18 ct $3.50 per box
U by Kotex click compact 16 count regular or super $3 each
U by Kotex sleek 34 count regular OR regular plus super (17 regular + 17 super) $8 each
U by Kotex fitpak tampons, 1 regular box, 1 super box available, 31 count $6 each
U by Kotex fitpak tampons, regular 15 count $3.50
U by Kotex security tampons 18 count- 9 regular, 9 super $4
Well Walgreens silk perfection tampons, regular or mixed 2 for $3

Stayfree maxi pads super 48ct $3.50
U by Kotex security maxi pads overnight 28 ct $5.50 each
U by Kotex security maxi pads heavy flow 44 ct $5.50 each
U by Kotex security ultra thin pads overnight 38 ct each $5.50 each
U by Kotex security ultra thin pads regular 44 ct $5.50
U by Kotex security maxi pads regular 24 ct $3.50
U by Kotex fitness pads ultra thin 15 ct $4
U by Kotex barely there everyday liners regular 18 ct $1 each
U by Kotex barely there everyday liners regular 50 ct $4 each
U by Kotex light days plus liners regular 80 ct $5
U by Kotex light days plus liners regular 40 ct $3 each
U by Kotex 16 ct liners long, light days 2 for $1.50 each ***
U by Kotex fitness liners regular 80 count $6 each
U by Kotex fitness liners regular long 64 ct $6

Always disposable period underwear heaviest flow L/XL (fits 38-50 in waist), 3 count $4 each
Always disposable period underwear heaviest flow L/XL (fits 38-50 in waist), 7 count $7 each
Always radiant pads size 4 (overnight), large boxes (20 ct) $6 each***
Always pure pads with flex foam overnight, with wings 20 ct $6.50
Always pure pads overnight Ulta thin 18 ct $6.50 each
Always infinity flex foam pads, 1 (regular) 18ct, 2 (super, 16 ct), or overnight (size 4, 13 Ct) $4 each ***
Always radiant pads size 3 (extra heavy flow), 11 ct $3.50 each
Always pure cotton with flex foam pads 14 ct $4
Carefree liners extra long 93 ct $6 each
Carefree liners regular 54 ct $3 each
Carefree liners extra long 36 ct $3 each
Carefree liners 20 ct 2 for $1.50
Cvs liners 20 ct 2 for $1.50***
Just a period pads super 20 ct $6
One by poise period plus bladder leaks ultra thin pads with wings, regular length, level 2, 22 count $5 each
One by poise period plus bladder leaks extra coverage liners, long length, level 2, 50 count $4 each

Walgreens certainty unisex disposable underwear, maximum absorbency size large (fits 38-50 in waist) 28 count or XL (fits 48-64 in waist) 26 count $15 each
Depend silhouette disposable underwear size large/XL (fits 42-54 in waist), 12 count $12 each
Tena pads moderate (level 4) 20 count $5 per pack
Poise pads long length light (level 3) 24 ct $3.50 or both for $6
Poise pads regular length light (level 3) 30 ct $3.50or 2 for $6***
Poise ultra thin pads regular length, light (level 3) 28 ct $3 each
One by poise period plus bladder leaks ultra thin pads with wings, regular length, level 2, 22 count $5
Always discreet long pads, moderate (level 4), 54 count $12
Poise active long length liners with wings, light (3) 26 ct $3
One by poise period plus bladder leaks extra coverage liners, long length, level 2, 50 count $4
poise liners 44 count long length, very light (level 2) $3 each or both for $5
simply summers eve wipes- coconut water scent $3 each ***
Summers eve 5 in 1 $1.50 each ***

LA colors gel nail polish (fearless or vampire) $1.50 each
Sally Hansen xtreme nail polish(garage band, with the beet, pep-plum) $1.50 each
Pop-arazzi nail polish (going for gold, pewter perfect) $2 each
Sally Hansen miracle gel (shhhh-immer) $5 each
Sally Hansen pure (meteorite)$5
LA colors sequin queen nail set (4 polishes + 1 top coat, tweezers, and nail decor pack) $7

Pampers easy-ups 4t-5t (37lb+) $8 per bag
Pull-ups night time 3t-4t (32-40lbs) $8
pull-ups size 2t-3t (18-34lbs) or 24-48 months (14-26lbs) $8 per bag
Huggies snug and dry diapers size 6 $8
Pampers cruisers bag, size 5 $8
Hello Bello limited edition Dr. Seuss diapers size 5, 48 count $18
Pampers cruisers big box 60 count, size 5 $22
Pampers splashers disposable swim diapers size small (13-24lbs) $5
Hello Bello limited edition Dr. Seuss diapers size 4, 58 count $18***
Huggies snug and dry diapers size 3 $8
Huggies special delivery big box 66 count $22
Huggies special delivery wipes- fragrance-free 56 count $3 each or 6 for $15***
Huggies refreshing cucumber 56 count $1.75
CVS ultra soft toddler wipes 48 count $1
Cvs ultra soft wipes fragrance free or fresh scent 20 count $0.75 per pack
Cvs cup holder wipes 25 count, $1 per cup***

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